January 24, 2008

Здраво Liliana Vess

По кратко размислување дали да си купам Mad Auntie или booster, си купив booster. И, внатре - Liliana Vess. Ретка и скапа карта. Добредојде во мојот дек, Liliana.

Се пријавив и за pre-release турнирот на "Morningtide" едицијата, значи, играм во недела.

Liliana is the girl your mother warned you about. Her dark charisma is undeniable - she's witty, magnetic, and unabashedly sexy. Liliana believes everyone's looking out for themselves, and that she's just a little better at it than others. Although Liliana looks as though she's in her 20s, in reality she is much, much older. Long ago she made a dark deal with ancient, sinister forces to secure her necromantic power and youthful beauty. As Liliana begins to come to grips with the high cost of her bargain, her inner turmoil rises.

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freestyle said...

абе неможам да ги најдам картите во кавадарци, најчесто идат вакви работи али сега ги нема.....
растури ги таму.....