April 3, 2008

Shadowmoor: Сенките на Аурората

Мало продолжение на текстот за новата Magic: The Gathering едиција, Shadowmoor. Гледам на сајтот на Wizards of the Coast веќе почнале да објавуваат делчиња од книгата. Уште 16 дена до pre-release! Се надевам дека нема да касни кај нас. Минатиот пат беше одложено поради празник некој...

Како и да е, подоле следува текст од тоа што може да се очекува во Shadowmoor. Нешто веќе спомнав претходно. Btw, на линков има карти што ќе ги има во Shadowmoor. Едвај чекам.

* * *

Rhys, the elf renegade with broken horns, was poised to regain his position in elf society. The flamekin Ashling was poised to accept the destiny thrust upon her by an elemental entity. The sapling grown from Colfenor's seedcone was poised to make the old treefolk's plans a reality. At the moment they all saw their plans coming to fruition, everything changed.

Darkness fell. The Great Aurora swept across the plane, transforming it into an eerie world of permanent gloom, and wiping away almost all traces of its former nature. The denizens of the plane have transformed along with it, memories and all, and now only a precious few still remember the name Lorwyn.

All others know the world by its new name: Shadowmoor.

The sun has abandoned the world. In the wake of the Aurora, the plane's formerly lighthearted races have taken on new identities, their allegiances twisted by the shadow. The Aurora also awakened new threats, beings that slumbered, hidden, during sunnier times. Moaning spirits, impish oddities, scuttling scarecrows, and enormous monsters of lore have emerged to roam the land. And Shadowmoor is now the province of demigods, manifestations of dark forces that have slept since the last Great Aurora.


Влатко said...

Уште го чекам пмот на мфф за да идеме у гоблин :).

Бојан Николов said...

Бива наредната недела? :) Или сега во сабота ако идам на Standard.